innovation projects

Kaupapa Auaha

Apart from our social enterprises other innovation projects that we have worked with Kaumātua to produce for the benefit of our community are:
Nga Matauranga Taonga –COVID-19 Kaumatua Experiences of the COVID vaccination
(Lead role: 2021) funded by the Ministry of Health. A short video capturing Kaumātua sharing their experiences of the COVID vaccination and their why.
Nga Matauranga Taonga –COVID-19 Series
(Lead role: 2020) funded by the Health Promotion Agency. A series of short videos capturing Kaumātua sharing their experiences of COVID-19 lock down, the challenges they faced and what they did to overcome them.

National Kaumātua Service Provider Conferences
2022 (co-lead and key support of Ngā Tai o Te Awa in Whanganui), 2019 (key lead in Rotorua), 2018 (co-lead and key support of Tui Ora Ltd in New Plymouth), 2013 (key support in Papaoiea of Best Care Whakapai Hauora), 2011 (lead host in Kirikiriroa/Hamilton), 2009 (support in Nelson), 2007 (lead host in Kirikiriroa/Hamilton).

Te Puna Tikanga (Lead role: 2018) funded by Te Ngira Whanau Ora Collective. A social enterprise that offers individuals and organisations an opportunity to learn and experience tikanga, including open questions, discussion and sharing information around tikanga Māori.
Tikanga and History Series
(Lead role: 2017 – 2018) funded by JR McKenzie Trust. A series of short videos capturing Kaumātua explaining tikanga and various aspects of Maoridom ie. Powhiri, Karakia, Karanga etc See here for those released to date.
Aroha ngā Mokopuna
(Lead role: 2013 – 2017) funded by the Ministry of Health with four key participating stakeholders (Crawshaw School, Rhode Street School, Maeroa Intermediate and Forest Lakes School).
Waka Hourua
(Lead role : 2014 – 2015) funded by Te Rau Matatini to develop resources that were Kaumātua-friendly. The aim being to inform and provide Kaumātua with support in the area of Suicide Prevention. These resources are no longer available on the site that once hosted them.
He Ara Wairua Auaha
(Lead role : 2010 to 2013) funded by the Ministry of Health with two key participating stakeholders (Best Care Whakapai Hauora and Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki). See more here.
Hei Manaaki Nga Kaumātua Charitable Trust – National Kaumātua Service Providers Collective (One of many stakeholders in the development and interim operation of the group: 2010-to 2013).