To Tātou Iwi

Rauawaawa’s trustees consist solely of Kaumātua. Within the Board, there is an Executive Committee made up of four trustees, including the Chairperson, which meets with and regularly supports Rangimahora, our Chief Executive Officer.
Owen Purcell
Tuahana Clark
Board Member
Wiremu Dunn (William)
Board Member
Bosen Rota
Board Member
Raiha Gray
Board Member
Hoki Purcell
Board Member


To Tātou Iwi

Rauawaawa’s staff are trained in and work in, a diverse range of roles to support our mission – “He Korowai Oranga Hei Tau Awhi i ngā Kaumātua.” Including, but not limited to – early intervention, health team, nursing services, whānau ora navigation, mauri ora, mirimiri, acupuncture, transport, community connectors, and a number of different roles and mahi behind the scenes to make it all happen.
Duan Jia (CA)
Financial Administrator
Jahvarn Smith
Dion McMahon
Kaimanaaki/ Communications
Reema Thakur
Kaimanaaki Administrator
Rachel Warbrick
Community Researcher
Phyllis Kara
Senior Transport Coordinator
Rachael Owen
Mirimiri Therapist/ Community Researcher
James Te Kani
Mauri Ora Community Health Worker
Daphne Vasea
Senior Mauri Ora Community Health Worker/ Community Researcher
Pare Meha
Senior Community Researcher
Bailey Hepi
Community Connector
Alva Yan
Senior Community Connector
Lasini Tauelangi
Whānau Ora Navigator
Pernell Pakau (RSW)
Whānau Ora Navigator
Aniera McMahon (RN)
Practice Nurse
Robbie Caldwell (RN)
Deputy Health Team Manager/ Practice Nurse
Dhammika Indralal (CA)
Finance and Funding Manager
Rudy Alejandro
Administration Manager/ Volunteers Manager
Geraldine Boyd (RN)
Co-Deputy CEO/ Health Team Manager/ Community Researcher
Donna Tilyard-Davies
Co-Deputy CEO/ Events Manager/ Covid Isolation Manager
Rangimahora Reddy

Kotahitanga Committee

To Tātou Iwi

A dedicated and talented group of kaumātua volunteers who multi-task in a variety of ways to support our vision of ‘Hei Manaaki ngā Kaumātua.’ The Kotahitanga Committee organises and presents our weekly kaumātua social programme and supports many of the other Rauawaawa events.
Dorne Eketone
Charlotte Hakaraia
Co-Coordinator, Hakaraia Ngāpuhi
Gayle Greening
Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Rangitāne
Wattie Greening
Ngāti Kahungunu
Karen King
Ngāti Maniapoto
Kiriata Matthews
Evelyn McInman-Jerry
Ngāti Maniapoto
Pare Meha
Secretary, Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Rangitāne, Te Rarawa
Dorothy Munro
Ngāti Te Wehi, Ngāti Māhanga
Donna Tilyard-Davies
Manager, Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Rangitāne
Jim Tainui
Ngāti Maniapoto
Maryanne Tainui
Coordinator, Ngāti Koroki